Sunday, 25 September 2016

Why Mondays Are Good.

Hi everyone

So today I got ready in the morning in a record breaking time, and I now have an hour until I leave for school and i'm all ready, so I thought that I'd be a good human (for once) and write another post.

Yesterday's post was all about my love for autumn, and little did I know that autumn actually started a few days ago. I also hadn't realised that yesterday I uploaded exactly three months before Christmas. How exciting !!!!!!!

Anyway, I am writing this on a Monday, and for some reason I've started to really grow to liking Mondays. and I know that most people hate Mondays because it means that the weekend is over and you have a long time before the weekend comes around again.

But I see it as a fresh start, a clean slate, like you can forget completely about the previous week, especially if it was a really bad one, and just start from scratch. I know it does sound a bit crazy of me to say all this, but trust me, if you start to see Monday as a good thing, then it will really set your week off on a good note.

I also just wanted to say, if you have done something to someone last week that you aren't proud of, you have to apologise, you can't just hope that they will forget about it, just go up to them and say why you did it, and be honest with them. It will make you closer, and you won't have it constantly on your back, or feel like you owe them anything.

I will start to upload photos soon, I just think at the moment I want to just write things.

Hopefully I will be uploading a baking post on Thursday or Friday where I am going to be baking vanilla cupcakes for a cancer research bake sale as i think it is cancer research month (someone tell me i am right about that).

I hope you enjoyed today's post and comment want day of the week is your favourite (not saying that mine is Monday, mine would probably be Saturday). Make sure you come back on Thursday or Friday for the cakes.

Also comment on a better send ofF that we could use other than:

 see you soon.

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